Starling Membership

Starling members represent the highest quality community providers supporting children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Missouri.

Together we're committed to building up the system of support so that every Missourian with a disability has access to sustainable and reliable services to assist them in any and all aspects of their daily lives.

There are many benefits to Starling membership, including:

Supportive Community

Starling members have access to an invaluable resource: one another! We share in open dialogue, participate in workgroups and committees, and build relationships at social events and meetings.

Networking & Relationships 

We value collegiality over competition. Our members strengthen the system of services for Missourians with disabilities by working together to find common ground with community providers of all sizes and from every corner of the state. Starling providers share responsibility.

Legislative Impact

Starling has a proven record of our legislative impact. We get results. Starling works closely with our Governmental Consultants Bardgett & Associates.

Advocacy with Heart

Starling supports a deep roster of authentic and highly-engaged advocates passionate about improving the lives of Missourians with disabilities. We take action.

A Place at the Table

We don’t sit back and watch. When policy decisions are made that impact how community providers operate and individuals with disabilities are supported, Starling members provide critical insight, leadership, and feedback to ensure people with disabilities, their families, and their direct support staff all thrive.

Policy Guidance

The service delivery system is complex and rapidly changing. Starling is committed to summarizing relevant information and making sure news hits our members' inboxes promptly. When regulations are introduced, Starling workgroups and committees coordinate to solve problems, adapt, and set the standard. 

Industry Connections

Starling’s provider network collaborates with state departments, lawmakers, local businesses, community leaders, and many more partners across industries in Missouri and throughout the US. Our connections create opportunities.

ANCOR membership

Starling members automatically receive full membership in ANCOR – a national association of more than 2,300 community providers across the country. ANCOR members enjoy a number of benefits, including federal advocacy guidance, trainings and webinars, weekly briefing calls, Direct Support Professional workforce data and resources, and more.

 Click here to download the Starling Member Benefits brochure